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Test of Early Language Development
Third Edition- Spanish

by Margarita Ramos and Jorge Ramos - Ages 2;0-7;11

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  • Time: 15-45 Minutes
  • Norm-Referenced; Standard scores, percentiles, and age equivalents
  • TELD-3:S Complete Kit includes: Examiner's Manual, Picture Book, Manipulatives, and 25 Profile Examiner Record Booklets. Boxed. (2007)
  • Qualification Level: B
The Test of Early Language Development-Third Edition, Spanish is a translation and adaptation of the English version of the Test of Early Language Development-Third Edition. The TELD-3:S includes individual receptive and expressive language subtests and an Overall Spoken Language score. Evidence of the validity of TELD-3:S is proven for its content-description validity, criterion-prediction validity, and construct-identification validity. Test items ensure that little or no bias relative to gender, disability, race, socioeconomic level, ethnic group, and dialect variation exists. TELD-3:S includes a chart for appropriate vocabulary usage during administration.
The TELD-3:S Manual is printed in English except for the item instructions and scoring appendices.
TMF732 -  TELD-3:S Examiner's Record Booklets (25) $39.00 
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