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Test of Auditory Processing Skills- 3 Spanish Bilingual Edition - TAPS-3: SBE

by Nancy Martin, PhD - Ages 5;0 through 18;11

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  • Ages 5;0 through 18;11
  • Time: untimed, but completion takes about 65 minutes
  • Administration: Individual
  • Norm-referenced: standard scores, age equivalents, and percentile ranks
  • Test of Auditory Processing Skills-3:Spanish-Bilingual Edition complete kit: Manual, 25 Test Booklets, Auditory Figure-ground CD (2009)
  • Qualification Level: B
The Spanish-bilingual version of the Test of Auditory Processing Skills, 3rd Edition (TAPS-3: SBE) is a norm-referenced, individually administered assessment of auditory skills commonly used in academic and everyday activities by Spanish speakers ages 5 through 18 years. It provides a way to identify any particular auditory process that the examinee may be having difficulties with and allows for better remediation and planning of strategies. This test is not for assessing language proficiency. While administering this assessment in Spanish and responses expected to be in Spanish, the examiner may use English, if necessary, to give directions. English responses are acceptable if the meaning is the same as the intended response.
Speech-language pathologists, audiologists, school psychologists and other clinicians interested in and trained to assess the ability to comprehend auditory information can administer TAPS-3 SBE. Developed with the assistance of Spanish-bilingual professionals, this Spanish version is NOT just a translation, but also includes items that are equivalent to the English version. The norms are specific to this Spanish version and are not generalizable to the English version. This assessment is untimed, but generally completed in about one hour (plus five minutes if using the optional Auditory Figure-Ground subtest on CD) and scored in about 15 minutes.
The structure of the TAPS-3: SBE is the same as the English version and represents current views of auditory processing, with tasks progressing from the most basic skills to the most complex. There were allowances made for language and grammar differences. The author, with the assistance of Spanish-bilingual school psychology and speech professionals, wrote the sentences and passages for the last three subtests specifically for the Spanish-bilingual version. Like the English version, factor analyses helped confirm the subtests and index score structures.
The nine TAPS-3: SBE subtests provide information for four main areas (reflected as Index scores). Subtests (and items within each subtest) progress from the most basic skills to the most complex. In addition, there is an optional auditory figure-ground (auditory attention) subtest included on the CD-ROM.
Indices and subtests are:
Auditory Attention: Optional Auditory Figure-Ground screener presented at the start of the test session.

Basic Phonological Skills:
Subtest 1: Word Discrimination
Subtest 2: Phonological Segmentation
Subtest 3: Phonological Blending
Auditory Memory
Subtest 4: Number Memory Forward
Subtest 5: Number Memory Reversed
Subtest 6: Word Memory
Subtest 7: Sentence Memory
Auditory Cohesion:
Subtest 8: Auditory Comprehension
Subtest 9: Auditory Reasoning
TAPS-3: SBE Scoring
The scoring guidelines are the same as the English version. These features include:
  • Partial credit for test responses which allows for a more accurate rendering of abilities.
  • Combinations of subtest scores derive three Index scores (Basic Phonological Skills, Auditory Memory, and Auditory Cohesion) ;these reflect functional areas indicated by current literature.
  • Overall score is the sum of all subtest scaled scores.
  • Report the individual subtests as scaled scores. Cluster scores (Phonological Skills, Memory, and Cohesion) and the overall score report the standard scores and provide percentile ranks and age equivalents.
NOTE: Refer clients with suspected hearing loss or central processing deficits for audiological testing prior to assessment with the TAPS-3: SBE, since peripheral hearing problems will interfere with performance of the tasks presented. Administrators should assess clients with known or suspected attention problems prior to assessment with the TAPS-3: SBE, since attention deficits will also interfere with TAPS-3: SBE tasks.
Test of Auditory Processing Skills - 3:SBE
  • Manual
  • 25 Test Forms
  • Auditory Figure Ground CD-ROM
  • Boxed
  • ©2009
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