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Preguntas y Respuestas

Quién, Cuándo, Dónde, Qué, Por Qué iPad App

by Sharon G. Webber, M.S. and Mark Durham - Grades PreK-6

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This educational app from Super Duper Publications helps students practice asking and answering Quién, Cuándo, Dónde, Qué, and Por Qué questions in Spanish. It has four, entertaining learning games for each set of cards, and includes enhanced data tracking for an unlimited number of students.
This app includes the FREE "Quién" deck. You can purchase the Cuándo, Dónde, Qué, and Por Qué card decks separately through in-app purchases.
(Educators who are not able to make in-app purchases through their school districts can purchase the "Preguntas y Respuestas - Pro" version and receive all five decks.)
  • “¿Con quién se casa el novio? …la novia”
  • “¿Qué nos da la vaca? …la leche”
  • “¿Cuándo duermes? …por la noche”
  • “¿Dónde pone un ave su huevo? …en el nido”
  • “¿Por qué le hechas agua a una planta? …para que crezca”
  • Super Duper Secret Decoder – Students listen to the question and answer choices, select answers, and then slide the Secret Decoder over their choices to reveal the correct responses.
  • Multiple Choice – This game has two ways to play. “Answer” game asks students questions, and players choose answers. The “Ask” game gives the student an answer, and the player chooses the appropriate question to go with it.
  • Matching – Each student chooses a red question card and a blue answer card. If the answer matches the question, the player taps “Match.” If it doesn’t, the player taps “No Match.”
  • Drag ‘n Match – Students read the prompts, or tap the cards and listen to the prompts. Players then drag cards on top of the matching questions/answers to make matches.
  • Up to 280 colorfully illustrated picture card images (56 for each question set)
  • Includes audio of all questions and answers for non-readers
  • Has text for each question and answer for early readers
  • Select any or all card decks for game play
  • Allows game play by an unlimited number of students
  • Manually or automatically advances to the next card and/or player
  • Option to have answers read back to players
  • Includes all card picture images from Super Duper's Pregunta y Respuesta Quién, Cuándo, Dónde, Qué, and Por Qué Fun Decks
DATA TRACKING allows educators and parents to:
  • Manually or automatically score student responses
  • Keep track of data for all players
  • Receive feedback for each correct and incorrect response
  • View player results for all sessions at any time
  • Examine student progress over time using graphs
  • Email, print, and share session results
Preguntas y Respuestas FREE iPad App
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