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Montgomery Assessment of Vocabulary Acquisition™

Ages 3;0-12;11

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  • Testing Time: 30 minutes (15 for each section)
  • Norm-referenced: standard scores, percentile ranks, and age equivalents.
  • MAVA Complete Kit: Examiner's Manual, Receptive Vocabulary Stimulus Easel, Expressive Vocabulary Stimulus Easel, Receptive Vocabulary, Record Forms (30), Expressive Vocabulary Record Forms (30), and Tote bag. (2008)
  • Qualification Level: A
Save money with Dr. Judy Montgomery’s all-in-one expressive and receptive vocabulary test!
Research tells us that children with large, rich vocabularies have better verbal, reading, and writing skills. MAVA evaluates a child’s knowledge of basic (tier one), high frequency (tier two), and curriculum-based (tier three) words. This assessment includes, up-to-date word choices, full-color illustrations, and everything else you need to evaluate the listening and speaking vocabulary of children ages 3;0–12;11.
Valid And Reliable
The standardization samples for the MAVA included over 1,300 children for the receptive test and over 1,200 for the expressive test. Test-retest, inter-rater reliability, and concurrent validity are all very high and over .90. In comparing the tests of the MAVA to the Receptive One-Word Picture Vocabulary Test and the Expressive One-Word Picture Vocabulary Test, we found that the tests examine similar skills.
MAVA Complete Kit
  • Receptive Vocabulary Stimulus Easel
  • Expressive Vocabulary Stimulus Easel
  • Receptive Vocabulary Record Forms (30)
  • Expressive Vocabulary Record Forms (30)
  • Examiner's Manual
  • Tote Bag
Click here to view FAQs about MAVA.
MAVA22 -  MAVA Complete Kit $314.00 
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MAVA33 -  MAVA Expressive Forms (30) $40.00 
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MAVA44 -  MAVA Receptive Forms (30) $40.00 
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MAVA66 -  MAVA Examiner's Manual $63.00 
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