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HearBuilder Story Retell Test

by Elisabeth Wiig, Ph.D., CCC-SLP and Wayne Secord, Ph.D., CCC-SLP -
Ages: 4;6-9;11

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  • Ages 4;6–9;11
  • Norm-referenced; standard scores, percentile ranks, confidence intervals, and age equivalents
  • H-SRT Complete kit includes: Examiner’s Manual, Trial Item Stimulus Card, Three Story Books (Levels 1–3), 25 Record Forms
  • Qualification Level: A
The HearBuilder Story Retell Test (H-SRT) consists of the Story Retell subtest of the Emerging Literacy & Language Assessment (ELLA). It evaluates students' listening comprehension skills and ability to retell the sequence of events in the presented story. H-SRT meets Early Reading First and Reading First requirements.
How to Administer the H-SRT
To administer the H-SRT, read the student a story while showing him/her the pictures in a storybook. There is a trial item story for use with the Trial Item Stimulus Card, and then there are three stories contained in individual storybooks (Level 1 – A Day at the Beach, for ages 4;6–5;5; Level 2 – Ice Cream Surprise, for ages 5;6–6;11; and Level 3 – Making the Team, for ages 7;0–9;11). After reading the story to the student from the Record Form while showing the picture card or age-appropriate storybook, give the stimulus card or storybook to the student and have him/her tell the story back to you. Record responses on the Record Form.
Who May Administer the H-SRT?
Speech-language pathologists, special educators, resource specialists, reading specialists, school psychologists, and other professionals who are knowledgeable about literacy and language may administer the H-SRT. Test administrators should be experienced in the administration, scoring, and interpretation of standardized tests.
Obtaining Scores
H-SRT allows examiners to obtain standard scores, confidence intervals, percentile ranks, and age equivalents.
H-SRT Complete Kit
  • Examiner’s Manual with descriptions, explanations, and directions for administration, scoring, and interpretation
  • Trial Item Stimulus Card
  • Three Story Books:
    • Level 1 – A Day at the Beach (ages 4;6–5;5)
    • Level 2 – Ice Cream Surprise (ages 5;6–6;11)
    • Level 3 – Making the Team (ages 7;0–9;11)
  • 25 Record Forms that provide directions, space to record responses, and a scoring summary
HSRT11 -  H-SRT Complete Kit $99.95 
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