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Social City™

A Social Skills Board Game with Books

by Julie Balderston, Amanda Stenberg, and Matthew Rogers - Grades K & Up

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great subjects
by Dawn S,  Medford, Oregon
#GBBK355 - Social City Extra Books (2 books, 1 of each)
We have purchased more of these as they are very efficient resources for our Autism team.

A hit!
by Dawn S,  Medford, Oregon
#GB352 - Social City™ Game
The students love this game and is a number one request.

Size of Problem
by Sherry L. J,  Lake Havasu City, Arizona 86406
#GB352 - Social City™ Game
This game is a great way to teach the size of a problem and how to react to problems more effectively.The use of pictures fore teaching size is great.The only way this game could be better is if there were a picture for the scenarios.

Cool but convoluted
by Kristie H.,  St. Cloud, MN
#GB352 - Social City™ Game
I was very excited to get this game, since a lot of kids in our clinic struggle with problem-solving and how to react to their problems. This game was difficult to set up and hard to follow - it had a lot of parts to organize. I REALLY liked the graphs in the game that helped kids identify the size of a problem and the size of the reaction to that problem. It had good analogy of describing a problem's size in terms of "not a problem, bump, hill, or mountain."

GB352 -  Social City™ Game $44.95 
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GBBK355 -  Social City Extra Books (2 books, 1 of each) $5.95 
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