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Social City™

A Social Skills Board Game with Books

by Julie Balderston, Amanda Stenberg, and Matthew Rogers - Grades K & Up

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A game that forces kids to think about everyday situations and what their reactions should be!
by Lorna W,  NJ
#GB352 - Social City™ Game
Social City was an interesting game. Four of us had a chance to play the game and after a quick and easy set-up, we were ready to go. The game was entertaining for my early teenage kids and the game seemed to hold their attention. There was some strategy involved to collect different tokens and then use these tokens to buy cards that were needed to win the game, but there was also a need to collect some ‘situational awareness’ cards which presented each player with a problem. The game is nice in that there is some strategy to collecting all the cards needed to win the game, but the game also forces the kids to think about some every day, real life situations and to make a decision if that situation, and therefore the corresponding reaction, is a small, medium or large issue. The players must make the right call to win these ‘situational’ cards. In the end, the game teaches that many of these life moments deserve a calm reaction…that while life can get in the way, there really is no problem too large if one can just keep calm about it and not overreact.

great subjects
by Dawn S,  Medford, Oregon
#GBBK355 - Social City Extra Books (2 books, 1 of each)
We have purchased more of these as they are very efficient resources for our Autism team.

A hit!
by Dawn S,  Medford, Oregon
#GB352 - Social City™ Game
The students love this game and is a number one request.

Size of Problem
by Sherry L. J,  Lake Havasu City, Arizona 86406
#GB352 - Social City™ Game
This game is a great way to teach the size of a problem and how to react to problems more effectively.The use of pictures fore teaching size is great.The only way this game could be better is if there were a picture for the scenarios.

Cool but convoluted
by Kristie H.,  St. Cloud, MN
#GB352 - Social City™ Game
I was very excited to get this game, since a lot of kids in our clinic struggle with problem-solving and how to react to their problems. This game was difficult to set up and hard to follow - it had a lot of parts to organize. I REALLY liked the graphs in the game that helped kids identify the size of a problem and the size of the reaction to that problem. It had good analogy of describing a problem's size in terms of "not a problem, bump, hill, or mountain."

GB352 -  Social City™ Game $44.95 
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GBBK355 -  Social City Extra Books (2 books, 1 of each) $5.95 
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