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Carry All Cart™

Folding Crate with Lid

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Great !!
by Julia,  Santa Fe Springs, CA
#CART25 - Carry All Cart™
This is my 5th cart in 16 years. I love them and use them every day.

by PG,  Brooklyn, NY
#CART25 - Carry All Cart™
This is a roomy, colorful cart I am using for carrying all my therapy materials. I work in a school and go from room to room sometimes. It organizes everything nicely with the rectangular structure, as opposed to carrying shopping bags around, where everything gets lost. It is also quiet as you roll along. Love it!

by Jodie B,  Cumming, GA
#CART25 - Carry All Cart™
I bought this for my car so I could store my therapy materials for my private kids I see. It holds so much and I love the lid. A lot of my kids are so excited to see what I bring to each session and they become distracted if they see everything in a bag. The lid allows me to hide all my resources until I am ready to pull them out and use them, which keeps the distractions to a minimum! It rolls easily and can also be easily carried if necessary.

Great Cart!
by Laura N.,  Ocean Springs, MS
#CART25 - Carry All Cart™
I am a community based SLP and travel throughout the district. This is the BEST cart. I have tried at least 3 different type carts that have not lasted very long. This is a durable cart that is working great for me.

Nice and sturdy
by Sabrina,  San Mateo, CA.
#CART25 - Carry All Cart™
This is a lightweight but sturdy cart. I use it mainly to carry the assessments between sites. I like the pull handle as well as the side handles you can use to pick up the cart. The side bars to stabilize the cart were a bit difficult to snap on, but once on, they're great. Don't know why I've gone through all these years being a bag lady instead of using this cart. Wish I thought of it earlier.

by Tonya GriggsSmith,  Hartsville, SC
#CART25 - Carry All Cart™
I really needed this Cart! I was toting to many bags. Thanks!!!!!

Love this cart!!!
by Tina,  Virginia Beach VA
#CART25 - Carry All Cart™
I have had this cart for several years. It just will not die! :-) The only issue I have had with it - and again this was after several years of use (5 days a week - for speech therapy)- was that the locking washer on the wheel mechanism wouldn't stay on anymore so my wheel kept falling off. My husband picked one up at the hardware store and now I am good to go again!

Love it
by Damaris S,  Miami,Fl
#CART25 - Carry All Cart™
Exceeded my expectations. The cart is light-weight, colorful and easy to carry or close. My kids love the cart. I can carry all my materials for my therapy sessions. Thanks superduper!

Colorful and Sturdy
by Sybil R.,  Hampton, VA
#CART25 - Carry All Cart™
I have had my eye on some type of storage device with wheels for a year now. I heard several people say the ones made by other popular stores weren't durable and broke very easily. I received it in only a few days. Was able to assemble in less than 3 minutes and loved the colors. I have transported all types of items in it included my 9 year old daughter who wanted to ride! Ha! Great price and very durable!

Carry-all go bag
by Taylor Schwarz,  Newalla, OK
#CART25 - Carry All Cart™
I have to travel all over my building and this carry all cart saves me so much time. I can load it up and just travel from room to room working without having to make unnecessary trips back to my office. Love this product.

Great product!
by A. R.,  New York, New York
#CART25 - Carry All Cart™
This is exactly what I needed to not only organize my car trunk, but transport all my Super Duper goodies with ease. So glad I caught this item on sale, which encouraged me to give it a try!

So close to perfect!
by Mallory M.,  Springfield, MO
#CART25 - Carry All Cart™
This cart is amazing! It's big enough that I can easily take materials for multiple patients of mine. I love that it can easily fold up and be tucked away and I love that the cart has nice vibrant colors! My one wish that would make this cart PERFECT would be a lid that snaps shut! My kids are always trying to get into the cart which can make it a bit distracting.

Carry All Cart
by Deb C.,  Taylors, SC
#CART25 - Carry All Cart™
As a traveling therapist in schools and private practice, I have purchased several rolling carts, but none has been as well-made and sturdy as the Super Duper Carry All Cart.

Working great
by Trina H,  McAlester, OK
#CART25 - Carry All Cart™
Has been very sturdy so far! I like the handle cut out on the back of the cart so I can easily lift it into my car with one hand.

Carry All Cart
by Cinthia,  Rosetown, Saskatchewan
#CART25 - Carry All Cart™
Works well so far. Was easy to set up and fits almost everything. Easy to lift into my trunk. Had our first snowfall today (3 inches) so I'm interested how it will hold up on the slippery, uneven ground.

Organized your material
by FCorrea,  Boca Raton, FL
#CART25 - Carry All Cart™
This is an excellent "box" for organizing the materials... It's coloful ... so, it catches the attention of the patients

Bought Another One
by Kathy M.,  Blue Springs, MO
#CART25 - Carry All Cart™
I liked the Carry All Cart so well that I bought another one to use at home.

by Ashley H.,  Phoenix, AZ
#CART25 - Carry All Cart™
I love the carry all cart. It makes roaming from school to school so much easier. I used to carry a bag around, which ended up getting really heavy. With the carry all cart I am not putting any of that weight on my shoulders anymore. I get compliments all the time about my cart, and I love the fun bright colors!

Carry All Cart
by Judy S.,  Bethesda, MD
#CART25 - Carry All Cart™
I am very happy with my Carry All cart. I researched the alternatives, and this cart is sturdy, roomy, folds up and opens easily, and is the best value out there. I will never go back to an over-the-shoulder tote bag!

Carry All Cart
by Diana,  Id
#CART25 - Carry All Cart™
It is the perfect size and shape. It is easy to use which makes traveling from school to school nicer.

Very helpful!
by Hayley S.,  San Antonio, TX
#CART25 - Carry All Cart™
I got this cary because I felt like a bag lady carrying all of my stuff! It's very easy to roll, the handle comes up smoothly, and I can even take it up stairs!

Great cart!
by Robin B.,  Raleigh, NC
#CART25 - Carry All Cart™
I had used one of these carts in my previous district and had wanted one now because it is so sturdy! It is much stronger than one I had purchased in an office store. This can take a full load of materials just about anywhere.

Super Duper Cart!
by Kathy M.,  Blue Springs, MO
#CART25 - Carry All Cart™
After looking at several office supply websites and reading some negative reviews on their carts, I bought the Super Duper Carry All Cart last month and I am VERY happy with it. I work in two different school buildings and needed something sturdy to tote my supplies. This cart fits that requirement perfectly! It is very colorful, which is great for an elementary school environment. The fact that it folds up so it doesn't take up too much space when I'm not using it is also a plus. I was also pleasantly surprised to get a 10% discount on the cart, as it was one of the web specials at that time! If you need something sturdy and portable, this cart is PERFECT! I would highly recommend this product.

Handy and Sturdy
by Michelle R.,  Kentucky
#CART25 - Carry All Cart™
The cart is very handy. It's very sturdy and easy to assemble.

Back Saver
by Serena,  San Diego
#CART25 - Carry All Cart™
As a therapist who travels from one school to another, I carried all my "stuff" in bags on my shoulders. This cart saved my back and it makes life so much easier!

The best way to travel
by Lisa K.,  Palm Beach Gardens, Fl
#CART25 - Carry All Cart™
The carts are so useful for inclusion therapy. I just pack everything in it for the day and travel from class to class. Kids that see me in the hall without it often ask, "Where is your cart?"

by Dorothy Jones
#CART25 - Carry All Cart™
Your carts are tremendously helpful to staff who have to go from school to school.

by Emmy Nikolakakis, Dearborn Heights, MI
#CART25 - Carry All Cart™
I enjoy every single product that I've ordered through Super Duper! This includes the Carry All Cart that goes along with me to 4 schools, the reward stickers, and, of course, games such as Granny's Candies and WH Question Blastoff. Students enjoy coming to speech and language class because of the great materials they are excited to work with. They even request homework! Students love the Artic Stories and Auditory Processing Super Pack...materials which help them make progress toward their IEP objectives at home!

by Sue Lawton, Peoria, Az
#CART25 - Carry All Cart™
I recently purchased 3 of your Carry All Carts: one for myself and 2 for SLPs' birthday presents. They were the "hit" gift of the party...not only for the recipients, but for other teachers who wanted to know where they could purchase one! Great price - great colors - extremely efficient and mobile!

by Sharon Cheek, Rienzi, MS
#CART25 - Carry All Cart™
I do not know how I survived before I got my rolling cart. I am 100% more organized and mobile now. I would recommend this product to any SLP who travels from place to place.

CART25 -  Carry All Cart™ $49.95 
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