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Thinking Publications FAQs
Thinking Publications University and Clinical textbooks, and the Thinking Publications name/logo, are now part of Pro Ed, Inc.
You can contact Pro Ed, Inc. at www.proedinc.com or call 1-800-897-3202.
Super Duper® Sells These Items
Super Duper® No Longer Sells These Items
TPX29801   Contextualized Language Intervention
TPX27301   Achieving Communication Independence
TPX29501   Asperger Syndrome
TPX28501   Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder
TPX28502   Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder DVD
TPX21501   Collaborating with Interpreters and Translators
TPX24101   Communication Solutions for Older Students
TPX18101   Contextual Test of Articulation
TPX601   Daily Communication
TPX29701   Evaluating and Enhancing
Children’s Phonological Systems
TPX8102   Generating Fluent Speech (Client Manual)
TPX8103   Generating Fluent Speech: A Comprehensive Speech Processing Approach
TPX8101   Generating Fluent Speech: A Comprehensive Speech Processing Approach
TPX1704   Guide to Analysis of Language Transcripts Book and Interactive CD-ROM
TPX17602   Guide to Dysarthria Management A Client-Clinician Approach (CD-ROM)
TPX8001   Guide to Narrative Language Procedures for Assessment
TPX21502   Interpreters and Translators in Communication Disorders
TPX27005   Introduction to Communication Sciences and Disorders, 4th Edition
TP29703   Making a Difference for
America's Children (Second Edition)
TP19201   Making a Difference for America's Children
TPX15501   More Than Playing Around
TPX19301   Narrative Toolbox
TP7802   Normal Development Software and Text
TPX23001   Phonological Analysis Practice
TPX24401   Phonological Awareness Success
TPX24001   Read with Me!
TPX15301   Sounds Good to Me
TPX18301   Talk! Talk! Talk! Tools to Facilitate Language
TPX14201   The Strong Narrative Assessment Procedure
TPX23301   The Syntax Handbook
TPX31001   Thinking About Child Language
TPX17501   Transcript Builder