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Funzee Everyday Sounds FAQs
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How does the Funzee™ Everyday Sounds differ from the HearBuilder® software line?   Like HearBuilder®, Funzee™ Everyday Sounds is customizable, tracks data, and allows you to enter an unlimited number of students. The main difference is that when students play Funzee™ Everyday Sounds, the levels do not change automatically. To increase or decrease the difficulty level of the software, click "Settings" and adjust the settings to meet the changing needs of your student.
What are the settings options for Funzee™ Everyday Sounds?  
  1. Selecting a game to play
    • Match SOUND to PHOTO & SOUND
    • Match PHOTO & SOUND to SOUND
    • Match SOUND to SOUND
    • Match PHOTO to SOUND
    • Match SOUND to PHOTO
  2. Choose the level of difficulty. Sounds in Level 1 are the easiest, sounds in Level 2 are more difficult, and sounds in Level 3 are the most difficult. You can also select “All Levels” to create boards from the entire collection of photos and sounds.
  3. Choose the number of squares on your board in the Choose Board Type section. Select from a 2 x 2 (4 items) up to a 6 x 6 (36 items) board.
  4. Next choose one of three ways to win the game. Students can make a square out of four adjacent images, they can cover a row of images (bingo), or they can cover every image on the board (lotto).
  5. Click “Play Game” to begin the game with your selected settings.
What is the Classroom Game?   The Classroom Game allows you to automatically create, print, and randomize lotto and bingo boards so the whole class can play. You can even name and save the game boards to play them later. Print up to twenty boards at once. Select “Autoplay” and Funzee™ will call the game while you monitor students that need more assistance. (Please note: Data-tracking features are not available in the classroom game.)
Can I print more than twenty boards for a classroom game?   Yes. You may print as many boards as you like, but you can only print the boards twenty at a time.
How do I install Funzee™ Everyday Sounds?   Funzee™ Everyday Sounds runs almost completely from your CD-ROM drive. The program only stores student information on your hard drive. Students using the program should play on the same computer each time in order to store data from session to session.
What if the program does not save a student’s data?   There could be two reasons why this is occurring:
  1. Your students are NOT playing on the same computer every day. Super Duper® software saves the student’s data to the computer’s hard drive. The student must use the same computer in order to track and store data over time.
  2. Your computer may erase the data stored in some folders nightly or weekly. Change your settings so that your computer does not erase your Flash Shared Objects Folder. Contact your system administrator for further assistance.
Can I install it on more than one computer?   Yes. You can use the program on several different computers. Please remember that running the program requires that the CD-ROM be in the CD or DVD drive on the computer; thus, you will not be able to run the program on several different computers at the same time if you have only one disk. Also remember that each student’s data file is stored on the hard drive of the computer. The student’s data will not appear if he/she uses a different computer.
Which computers are compatible with the program?   It will work with Windows® computers that run XP, Vista, and 7 and Macintosh® computers that run OS X v 10.5 or later.
Is Funzee™ Everyday Sounds compatible with the SMART Board®?   Yes. Click here to see a video on how to use Funzee™ Everyday Sounds with your SMART Board®.
How do I remove a CD-ROM from the case?   Before removing a CD-ROM from its case, release the CD by pushing the button in the center of the disk.
How do I install a CD-ROM?    All of Super Duper's® CD-ROMs come with step-by-step instructions for running a CD-ROM on Windows® and Macintosh® computers. Instructions are usually on the inside back cover of a book, or if the CD comes in a case, in the booklet inside the CD-ROM case.
How do I know if a CD-ROM is compatible with my computer?   All of Super Duper's® CD-ROMs include system requirements. Click here for specific computer requirements.
Can I use my CD over a network?   No. Super Duper's® CD-ROMs are not for use over a network. Since the hard drive saves each student's data, the student begins play on one particular computer and continues to play on the same computer throughout the program. This allows a continuous collection of student data in order to gain the most benefit from the Student Reports.
Do I need a CD for each computer in my classroom?   Yes. If you are planning for more than one student at a time to use the program, you will need a CD for each computer. The data collects on each computer's hard drive, and the computer needs the CD to run the program.
If a student switches computers, will I be able to see his/her data from previous sessions?    No. The hard drive stores the student's information, meaning the student must play on the same computer for every session for you to access previous sessions and data.
HELP! I'm not hearing any sound. What do I do?    Make sure that the computer is not set on "Mute." If you are using headphones, unplug them and see if sound is coming from the computer. If so, your headphones may not be functioning properly.

If you find that your computer is not set on "Mute" and the headphones are working properly (and you still do not have sound), try closing the CD and restarting the application. Please call or email Super Duper® for technical help if all these steps fail to provide sound.