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What are some of the new features of the expanded version of the Super Duper® Data Tracker?
Super Duper® Data Tracker is an advanced tool for monitoring and documenting your students' progress. New features allow you to:
  • Create multiple goals for each student.
  • Choose from various response types (Tally, Correct/Incorrect, Approximated, and Cued).
  • “Undo” the last recorded response to correct an error.
  • Store data for an unlimited number of sessions.
  • Add students to multiple groups.
  • Add students temporarily to a group to make up missed sessions.
  • Write notes for each student in a session.
  • Email results for individual students or all students in a group.
View the features of the new Data Tracker in this short Show Me How Video.
Is it easy to get started using the new Data Tracker?
Get started in five easy steps!
  1. Enter your students’ names and goals.
  2. Choose the type of responses you wish to track (Tally, Correct/Incorrect, Approximated, or Cued).
  3. Enter group names for all of your therapy groups.
  4. Add each student to as many groups as you like.
  5. Finally, return to the Main Menu and touch Start New Session.
Are there short videos that explain how to perform specific tasks using the new Data Tracker?
What happens to the data that I saved in the old Data Tracker?
The new Data Tracker will not allow you to import data from the older version. When you update your Data Tracker, you will receive a message that asks you to email any data from the older version. Touch Yes, and you will be able to send an email with all of your students’ names and groups from the old Data Tracker. Then, manually enter the information into the new Data Tracker. You may also access this data at a later time by going to the settings page of your iDevice and scrolling to the Data Tracker icon. Turn on Email Previous Data and then return to the Data Tracker APP. A message screen will appear that says “Previous Data Found.” Touch to email this information to yourself, and then manually enter the information into the new Data Tracker.
Is the Data Tracker password protected?
No. The Super Duper® Data Tracker APP relies on the security measures already included in your device. Super Duper® Publications is not responsible for maintaining the security of any confidential information that you enter into, or send from, the Data Tracker APP. Please remember to lock your phone to protect this information, and do not email information over a non-secure connection. If your students are using your iDevice for other activities, you should organize your APPs so that the Data Tracker is not on the same screen as the APPs your students use.
How do I enter a new student?
On the main menu, touch Manage Players. Then, touch the plus sign (+) in the upper right corner of the screen. Enter the student's name and add a goal.
How many goals can I enter for each player?
Enter as many goals as you like for each student. After you enter a goal, choose the type of responses you wish to track.
How do I delete a student?
To delete a student, go to Manage Players. Touch a student’s name. A Trash Can icon will appear in the upper right corner of the screen for that student. Touch it to delete the student. Delete a group or goal the same way. If you delete a student, then the student will no longer appear in the Player or Group list; however, the student will continue to appear in past sessions that he or she attended.
If I accidentally delete a student’s data, can I restore this information?
To restore a deleted student, go to the settings of your iDevice and scroll to the Data Tracker icon. Turn on Player Recovery Mode and return to the Data Tracker. A question will appear that asks you if you want to enter recovery mode. Choose Yes and a list of deleted students will appear. Select the players you wish to recover and touch Restore in the upper right corner. This will restore the student’s name, goals, and his/her group associations to the APP.
What are the differences between the types of responses?
After you create a goal, choose the type of data you want to track.
  1. Tally – is a counter and does not distinguish correct or incorrect responses. Use this one to count the number of times a student stutters during a session.
  2. Correct/Incorrect – Use these two buttons for correct and incorrect responses.
  3. Approximation – Use this button for responses that are “almost” correct. (You might use this during articulation treatment.)
  4. Cued – Use this button to indicate you prompted the student to produce the target correctly. (You might use this when you are giving a phonemic cue to assist with word retrieval.)
How do I enter a new group?
On the main menu, touch Manage Groups. Then touch the plus sign (+) in the upper right corner of the screen. Enter the group name. If you have a set schedule during the week, enter the day and time for your group names (e.g., Monday, 8am).
Can I add students temporarily to a group to make up missed sessions?
Yes. Touch Start New Session and choose a group. At the bottom of the screen, touch Add Player Temporarily. Choose the students you wish to add to the group and touch Begin. Remember to remove the students you added temporarily after the session is over.
How do I begin a session?
Once you enter all your students and goals, touch Start New Session and then choose a group. You will see a screen that lists the students in a group. If any of the students are absent, touch the student’s name to deselect him/her for that session. You may also add students temporarily to this group. Then, click Begin in the upper right corner. The next screen will say Player Order. Change the order by dragging the gray bars to the right of the students’ names up or down. Finally, touch Start Session.
Can I track data for all of a student’s goals during a session?
Yes. You will see all the student's goals during a session. Track data for as many or as few goals as you wish to target during the session.
How do I switch to a different student during a session?
To switch to a different student, swipe the student’s name at the top of the screen to the right or left and you will see a new student. You may also view the player list by tapping a current student’s name. When you see the player list, select a student and you will go directly to the data tracking page for that student.
Will Data Tracker keep my data if I exit during a session?
Yes. You will not lose your data for that session. When you return to the Data Tracker, touch Continue Current Session and resume data collection.
How do I close a session?
Touch End Current Session to close a session. Then choose Yes to confirm the session is over. Once you touchYes, you can no longer enter data for that session.
What are the ways I can view session data?
View session data three ways:
  1. Sessions by Date – See all the data for a specific date, time, and specific group.
  2. Sessions by Player – See all the data for a student by date, time, and goal.
  3. Sessions by Goal – See all the data for one of a student’s goals over time.
How do I email data?
All of the View Sessions Areas will allow you to email data. Once you choose the sessions, select a player or specific goals to view collected data. You will see an email icon in the upper right corner of the screen. Enter an email address and touch send.
Can I view data over multiple sessions in a graph?
Yes. You can view data for a specific goal over multiple sessions in a graphical format. You also have an option to email graphs. To view a graph, touch View Sessions. Then, touch Sessions by Goal and choose a player. Select a goal for that player and touch Graph in the lower right corner of the screen. When you email your results, you can also choose to send a graph.
When I have a graph with multiple responses, some of the lines seem to disappear. What happens to them?
The lines on the graph do not disappear. They are behind another line that has the same data points. For example, if 30% of a student’s responses were correct and 30% were cued, then the blue line would be covered by the green line.
Can I clear all the data in the Data Tracker?
To reset Session Data, Players, or Groups, go to the settings of your iDevice and scroll to Data Tracker icon. Turn on Reset Session Data, Reset Players, or Reset Groups and return to the Data Tracker. You will receive a message asking if you would like to "reset data". Choose Yes and your previous data will be cleared.