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Color Me Fluent® FAQs

What is Color Me Fluent®?  Color Me Fluent® is a fluency program that promotes over learning of correct and exaggerated speech patterns by focusing on breathing, phonation, articulation, and resonation. It is designed to help a person who stutters implement "control" strategies for his/her speaking. The program also includes great resources such as Parent Handouts, Tips for SLPs, and Data Sheets/Checklists.
What comes in the Color Me Fluent® Kit?
  • Instructional activity manual with reproducible templates (160 pages)
  • CD-ROM with color and black and white handouts as well as audio samples of speech
  • 16 manipulatives to implement program
  • 2 educational posters
What age groups can use Color Me Fluent®? Color Me Fluent® is for individuals ages 2 to adult.

How do individuals monitor Speech Fluency?  Speech Fluency is monitored through a color-coded system that provides visual cues for each level of fluency. The fluency levels are:
  • Red Circle — Dysfluent Speech (stuttering)
  • Orange Circle — Practice Speech (more fluency than dysfluency)
  • Green Circle — Fluent Speech (no noted dysfluency)
What is "The Umbrella of Orange Speech"?  The Umbrella of Orange Speech is a tool that outlines several targets for Fluency Shaping. These targets are:
  • Full Breath
  • Breath and Speech Together
  • Talking in Breath Groups
  • Pausing Often
  • Stretchy Onset and Loose Contact
  • Continuous Vocal Phonation
  • Talking in Short Sentences
  • Minimizing Consonants and Maximizing Vowels
  • Language Planning
Who is the author of Color Me Fluent®?  Alice Anne G. Farley, M.Ed., CCC-SLP, BRS-FD, a board recognized Fluency Specialist and a former stutterer, developed and field-tested Color Me Fluent®.
What is the essential purpose of Color Me Fluent®?  The goal of Color Me Fluent® is to “let out air, let out tightness, and let out talking.” This is facilitated by the use of learning theory, behavior modification, and family education—all of which can lead to an increase in self-esteem and fluency!