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Product Submission Frequently Ased Questions
Please submit your product idea following our Product Submissions Guidelines. When we receive your product, our Editorial Department will review your idea and determine if it is a unique, useful, easy-to-use, appealing idea that we can produce and sell. We will also consider the cost of production for your product and whether or not it conflicts with a product we have already published or have in development. After considering all of these factors, we will determine if we would like to proceed to the contract stage. If we decide to discuss entering a contract with you, we will contact you with more information. If we decide not to proceed to the contract stage, we will mail your materials back to you.
Does my product need to be in a finished format?   Although we prefer to have a product in its "finished" stage, it is not necessary. If it is not complete, clearly explain your product with a few examples or samples and an outline. A prototype or picture is also helpful.
Once I submit a product, how long does it take to review?   It will take approximately six to eight weeks to review.
Do I need to copyright my product?   No. If you enter into a contract with Super Duper® Publications, we will copyright and trademark the final product once we have added all the appropriate artwork and editorial modifications.
How do I know that my idea is protected?  If we review your product submission and decide not to publish it, we will return your materials. If we are presently working on a similar idea or have a similar idea already under contract, we will let you know and return your materials.
May I sell this idea/product to multiple companies?  No. Once we sign a contract with you, only Super Duper® markets and sells the product.
How will I get paid?  If we proceed to the contract stage, you can be paid in one of two ways. The first option is a lump sum payment. What is a lump sum? A lump sum is a one-time, up front payment. The second payment option is a royalty. Generally, authors receive a royalty of 10% on all sales for their product. We pay our authors twice a year, in May and November.
Do I need to have the pictures illustrated?  No. Super Duper® Publications has an art staff. Briefly sketch the items, and we'll do the rest for you.
Where do I send my product idea?
Super Duper® Publications
Attn: Product Editorial Department
PO Box 24997
Greenville, SC 29616