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HearBuilder Story Retell Test FAQs
How does the H-SRT relate to the ELLA®?  The H-SRT consists of the Story Retell Test in Section 3 of the ELLA® . In response to customer requests, we published the Story Retell Test as the H-SRT.
What age group does the H-SRT target?  Students between the ages of 4;6 and 9;11.
Does the H-SRT have norm-referenced scores?  Yes. The H-SRT provides a standard score for Story Retell at three age levels.
What was the H-SRT population sample size?  The standardization sample included 1,267 children, ages 4;6–9;11, from 40 states. The standardization closely resembles data from the U.S. Census Bureau (Statistical Abstract of the U.S., 2003).
How long does it take to administer the H-SRT?  It takes approximately 15–20 minutes to administer the H-SRT.
Why is it important to test story retell in students?  Narrative skills are directly related to a student’s ability to read and write.
What comes in the H-SRT complete kit?  The H-SRT complete kit includes: 1 Examiner’s Manual, 1 Trial Item Stimulus Card, 3 Stimulus Books, and 25 Record Forms.
Is the H-SRT difficult to administer and score?  No. The H-SRT is easy to administer and score. The H-SRT is norm-referenced and includes standard scores, confidence intervals, percentile ranks, and age equivalents.
How can the results of the H-SRT be used to identify a child’s area of weakness and help me write IEP goals?  The H-SRT manual includes a Curriculum and Classroom Connection for each of the subtests to help you develop appropriate treatment and IEP goals based on a child’s results on the H-SRT.
How does the H-SRT work with the HearBuilder® Sequencing software?  The H-SRT assesses the narrative skills addressed in the HearBuilder® Sequencing software. The H-SRT is appropriate as a pre/posttest for the HearBuilder® Sequencing software to establish benchmarks and monitor progress.
Can I preview the H-SRT before purchasing it?  Yes. Have the supervisor of your district, school, or speech department fax your request on company/school letterhead (1-800-978-7379), and we will send you a review copy. You may also email the request to Customer Help at ccustomerhelp@superduperinc.com, or contact Customer Help at 1-800-277-8737.
Do you offer training for the H-SRT?  Yes. Click here to find out more information.
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