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What is ARtIC LAB®?   ARtIC LAB® is a bilingual response to intervention (RtI) program for students who exhibit mild articulation deficits in English or Spanish.
Who benefits from ARtIC LAB®?   Use ARtIC LAB® with elementary school students, grades 1–5, PRIOR to referral for speech-language pathology services;  English-speaking students with only one or two of the following sounds in error: R, S, L, SH, and/or CH; and Spanish-speaking students with only one or two of the following sounds in error: R, S, and/or CH will benefit from ARtIC LAB®.
Is ARtIC LAB® appropriate for students already receiving services?  Of course! Since ARtIC LAB® is research-based, all of the strategies are appropriate for students already receiving speech therapy.
How long does ARtIC LAB® take to complete?  In 30-minute sessions four days a week for ten weeks, students rotate through each of the stations.
How was ARtIC LAB® developed?   ARtIC LAB® was field-tested in a culturally diverse school district in the Houston, Texas area. During one semester of intervention, 89 students with speech sound errors received 20 hours of intervention over a ten-week period.  Of the 89 students who participated in the field testing, only two cases resulted in referrals to special education and testing for speech therapy.
How does ARtIC LAB® work?    ARtIC LAB® consists of seven learning stations that maximize the number of sound productions for each student.  Each day, the speech-language pathologist chooses up to five stations based on the number of students in the group (e.g., three students equals three stations).  The maximum number of students in a group is five. 
What are the learning stations?  The ARtIC LAB® learning stations are:
          • Building
          • Emotion
          • Game
          • Gross Motor
          • Listening
          • Writing
          • Self-Monitoring
Why does ARtIC LAB® work so well?    Using ARtIC LAB® allows a student to participate in fun activities and games that require limited concentration, enabling a student to attend to and practice his/her target sounds over multiple occasions while staying motivated.  A student learns quickly to monitor and self-correct his/her sound errors.
I only need the English ARtIC LAB®.  Do I need to buy the complete kit?  No!  You can purchase the ARtIC LAB® English Kit. The Spanish easel is available separately, as are additional ARtIC LAB® Homework Folders.
What is included in the complete kit?  The complete ARtIC LAB® kit includes:
  • Resource Guide with Reproducible Forms and Probes
  • English Stimulus Easel
  • Spanish Stimulus Easel
  • 17" x 21" Motivational Chart
  • 5 Tally Counters
  • 7 Full-color, 8 ½" x 11", Laminated Learning Station Signs
  • 4-Pack Wet Erase Markers
  • 5 Echo Mics
  • 5 Webber® Phones
  • 20 Homework Folders
  • 1 Electronic Spinner
  • 6 Pawns (Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Purple)
Does the Resource Guide come with a CD-ROM?  Yes!  The Resource Guide contains an accompanying CD-ROM to easily print all homework pages, games, quick screens, and probes. There are never any forms to buy!